Divorce & Separation


Divorce Act, Family Law ActDivorce and separation is an emotional and difficult time. The Ontario Family Lawyer Team resolves your matters efficiently, cost effectively, and with a compassionate understanding of your particular situation. The issues arising as a result of divorce and separation can be complex and can often be confusing for clients. Our Team helps clients understand their rights and obligations and ensures that their current and future rights are protected.

If you are married, the Divorce Act, Family Law Act, the Federal Child Support Guidelines, and the Children’s Law Reform Act govern the issues that arise as a result of the breakdown of your marriage. These issues can and may include: custody and access, child support, spousal support, property/asset division (equalization of your family property), security for support, medical and dental benefits, sale or transfer of the matrimonial home, etc. Our Team has an excellent working knowledge of the legislation and the case law that govern issues that arise when parties separate or divorce.

Common law couplesThe issues arising from the breakdown of common law relationships are governed by the Family Law Act, the Children’s Law Reform Act, and the common law. Common law couples do not have the same property rights as married couples. To learn more about the issues that arise from the breakdown of a common law relationship.


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Different Clients - Different Needs

At Ontario Family Lawyer we adhere to the highest of professional standards and we approach our clients’ issues with a compassionate understanding of their unique and individual needs. We pride ourselves on using our legal knowledge to find creative solutions to complicated matters and ensuring our clients and their children can move forward with security and certainty. Whatever challenges your family is facing, the team at Ontario Family Lawyer recognizes it is the most important and pressing thing in your life. We are sensitive to the personal and emotional nature of the experience of divorce and we work diligently to meet our client’s goals. We are honest and straight-forward with clients so that they know from the start what they are facing. We talk to our clients about what they can expect, what they are likely to achieve, and the potential costs associated with obtaining the best results.


Divorce Lawyer in Burlington, ON

Divorce Lawyer in BurlingtonWe recognize that each family is distinct, with its own traditions, philosophies, and complexities. Consequently, our advice for resolving matters is tailored to each client’s individual needs.

For some clients, the alternative dispute resolution model which includes mediation, arbitration, and a more collaborative approach is a highly effective way to resolve disagreements that arise as a result of the breakdown of a marriage or relationship. Our experience has proven that lawyer-assisted mediation with an experienced family law mediator is the most efficient and cost-efficient way to finalize unresolved matters. We are solutions-oriented and we work to finalize your matters amicably while ensuring that your rights are protected now and in the future.

Other clients resolve their matters through litigation or court proceedings. The Ontario Family Lawyer Team are experienced family law litigators committed to obtaining the best outcomes in court for their clients. Whether inside or outside the courtroom, you will be represented with passion, conviction and integrity.



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Divorce & Separation
Divorce & Separation in Burlington

Divorce and separation is an emotional and difficult time. Ontario Family Lawyer Family Law can help you resolve all the issues at hand.


Divorce & Separation
Child Support

Protect the ones that mean the most to you. Let the family law experts at Ontario Family Lawyer help you navigate The Provincial Child Support Guidelines under the Family Law Act.

Divorce & Separation

Spousal Support

Paying or receiving spousal support can be a complicated subject Ontario Family Lawyer can make sense of it all with the utmost privacy and discretion.

Divorce & Separation
Custody & Access

Custody and access can be the most emotional and often, the most contentious issues for divorcing or separating couples, let Ontario Family Lawyer fight for you.

Divorce & Separation
Separation Agreements

A Separation Agreement is a binding legal document that sets out how separated couples have agreed to settle their matters. Ontario Family Lawyer has strong negotiation skills and works with opposing Counsel to ensure that our client’s needs are met.

Divorce & Separation
Variations of Orders & Agreements

When it comes to taking a fresh look at existing agreements we have the legal experience and knowledge to help.

Divorce & Separation
Marriage Contracts

When entering into any type of contract it is paramount that both parties receive expert advice. Let the legal team at Ontario Family Lawyer Family Law help draft a marriage contract.

Divorce & Separation
Mediation and Arbitration

Mediation and Arbitration are alternatives to the court process that can be used if the parties agree to it. Rather than going before a Judge to argue the issues, mediation involves a mediator who is normally a senior family law practitioner or retired Judge.